Blake Jones

Hi! I’m Blake, a Senior Engineer in the Autonomous Vehicle industry, focusing on big data management and analysis! I’m excited to help others explore and further their knowledge in computer science!

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Berkeley CS grad who has worked at AWS, Lab126, VMWare, and Sandia National Laboratories.

John Merz

John is a full stack engineer on the Digital Support Experience team at Qualtrics. He is passionate about building modern, intuitive support tools and resources that our customers love.

Rahul Gupta

Rahul is a dynamic engineer who has contributed to many of the top names in Silicion Valley: Nvidia, Microsoft, and Meta.

Deepankar C.

"DC" works on machine learning, algorithm development and imaging systems for applications in fluorescence imaging and microscopy. He also enjoys building applications that leverage gen AI, view synthesis and reconstruction.

Rachit Kataria

Rachit is currently a Tech Lead at AtoB. Before that, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Meta and a Kleiner Perkins Engineering Fellow. He studied at USC where he received his BS / MS in Computer Science.

AK Manivannan

A Georgia Tech grad focused on security, code optimization, and back-end programming. He also minored in History with an emphasis on Ancient Asian studies. He has experience at Salesforce and starting a company funded by CreateX.

Hima Bodupalli

A cybersec researcher who has presented at RMCWiC 2018 and WiCys 2019, Hima is now an engineer at Salesforce working on building large-scale systems.

Ken Schmitt 

Lead embedded systems engineer developing next-generation System-on-Chip capability for The MITRE Corporation in Bedford, MA. Earned an MS in electrical and computer engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in computer and systems engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Edward Xia

Edward is a Systems Engineer at Applied Materials focused on hardware and mechanical applications. He has completed his Master's at Berkeley and undergrad in Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering.

Robert Kuramshin

An embedded Software Engineer at Verkada, Robert was the President of Georgia Tech Marine Robotics, and the Lead Embedded Engineer at SensorsCall.

Fengrui Zuo

RF circuits, Power Supplies, High Speed Data Transmission and more at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Georgia Tech undergrad and MSEE Honors student at Stanford University.

Uma Desai

A senior platform engineer at Pave, Uma has experience at Stitch Fix and MITRE. She enjoys ML infrastructure & developer productivity as well as differential privacy.

Aditya Mullick

Aditya is a tech lead at Google Photos, where he leads his team's efforts to add Generative AI to the app used by hundreds of millions across the globe.

Christopher Scherban

I code

Vishakha Sehgal

Vishakha is a senior engineer at Carta.

Arsen Klyuev

Arsen is a Full Stack Engineer at Qualtrics who graduated from John Hopkins in 2020.

Jarrett Schultz

An MS in CS in May 2021 from Georgia Tech and works as a firmware developer for upcoming Microsoft Android devices.

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